Bridges Shaken


You know how you can adopt a stretch of highway... well what if you could name and adopt a physical entity... A Bridge! Not just a roadway bridge, but a pedestrian bridge. In the back country, up an urban trail. And the money you raise would go to fund Parkinsons Research and Cure. Compelling, No??

The MS Warrior Network

le secteur de la société civile

The MS Warrior Network attempts to provide information about research and connections within the Canadian MS Community. The mission of the Network is to bring people together in the search for an understanding of MS and how it impacts quality of life, while providing as much support as possible.

Edvolution Welfare Organization

le secteur de la société civile

A literacy training project targeting the kids on streets.University students are trained to teach and mentor the kids and prepare them for the school admissions.These university students not only teach voluntarily but also raise funds and involve the alumni to ensure sustainability of the projects