Early Entrepreneurs

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Early Entrepreneurs educates students grades 4-12 on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, & social responsibility. Classrooms are provided with a $100 micro-loan, mentors, and curriculum integrated lesson plans to create and operate their own ventures with a goal of raising $500 for charity.

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“Take your genius and your optimism and your empathy and go change the world” : Bill and Melinda Gates on the Power of Empathy

Last weekend, Bill and Melinda Gates addressed Stanford’s graduating class, and urged them to use empathy and optimism to change the world. The couple delivered a poignant speech illustrating why innovation and optimism alone were not enough to make the world better.

Bill said, “Even in dire situations, optimism can fuel

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Composting is important for many reasons. The primary concern of composting is to create and curate nutrients for proper growth in climates. The ability to compost has the potential to save the world.

The Civity Initiative

le secteur de la société civile

“Civity” is people reaching across social, political and organizational lines to address civic problems. Civity Silicon Valley bridges the deepening divide between tech and non-tech leaders, using one-on-one conversations and group dialogues to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Play Better


Play Better infuse values into sport, while teaching children to play better soccer. It achieves this by changing one thing — the rewards system.
The long-term impact is better players who understand positive impact beyond the scoreboard: citizenship, community investment, personal growth & health

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2014 American Express Ashoka Changemakers Emerging Innovators Announced

May 21, 2014—American Express and Ashoka Changemakers have recognized 45 innovators as future leaders of social change across North America. Their solutions tackle a wide range of the world’s most critical challenges.

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