Bourses et subventions


à but lucratif

Steph B-School is an online business school that will host thousands of courses that will equip aspiring entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs and their employees with the skills they need to build successful businesses.


le secteur de la société civile

Le PRODEF propose un modèle de création d'entreprises qui diminue considérablement le taux d'échec du porteur de projet grâce à un accords stratégique avec un parrain de notoriété dans le secteur d'activité sollicité.

Brilliant Gata


We have come up with an organisation by the name brilliant Gata that is trying to fund very bright and needy students in order for them to reach their destiny.For more description one can check my entry on 2012.

We identify very desperate needy students and we come up with the way in which we can pay school fees and help this student arrive at his/her destiny.This will help improve the human skills to the environment ie in industries and several organisations in future.Also raising skilled personnel and helping kenya getting its vision 2030.


le secteur de la société civile

Gyandaan aims to provide quality education to the bright students of lower middle class families. I have observed there is a huge talent in this group however due to constrained economic conditions, the children cannot pursue their dream. I want to build a medium for same.