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Entropy Homes


Entropy homes wants to enable people to live the change they wish to see. Buy a local research and development of new, greener ways of building a student in their studies and support a future where small compact homes are affordable and 100% recyclable.

Bus to the Future

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This project seeks to engaged the transportation constraints faced by University of Liberia Students when commuting from Monrovia to the University campus at Fendell, outside Monrovia and provide employment opportunities for Liberians.

Portrait de Joe Wilson

Bus to the Future

The Bus to the future is intended to eased the struggling transportation problems that thousands of students faced on a daily basis while commuting to and from classes at the state run University of Liberia. The University of Liberia has an estimated population of more than thirty thousand students. It has two campuses and is gradually finalizing relocation plans to its main campus outside the capital, Monrovia.



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Ethio Info Desk

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Ethio Info Desk was started after identifying access to information as a key challenge in Ethiopia. Despite the increasing number of internet users there hasn’t been a media platform that really up-to-date.As a result we are working to build effective information platform.

Asikana Network

le secteur de la société civile

Asikana Network is great organisation which is different fromother organisations of similar platform. We not only aim to increase the number of women ending up in Science based careers. We want to provide girls with a save haven to express themselves freely with out worrying what the boys will think