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Associação Crescer Sempre

A Porto Seguro Seguradora iniciou este projeto em 1991 com o programa Educação em Parceria, cujo objetivo é contribuir para a melhoria da qualidade do ensino das escolas públicas estaduais de Paraisópolis. Iniciou o contato com a Escola Estadual Professora Etelvina de Góes Marcucci, onde a iniciativa foi tão bem sucedida que,em 1997, permitiu a ampliação deste programa para mais uma escola da comunidade, a Escola Estadual Professor Homero dos Santos Fortes.

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Invataxi is addressing an important task for disabled
people - the creation of affordable and most convenient transport specially
adapted for transporting people in a wheelchair.

Bridge Budapest

We are a group of Hungarian entrepreneurs who work to improve our world and create jobs via globally-used products and rapidly growing businesses. We want to show that it’s possible to take ideas and turn them into products and companies that fulfill the needs of society and make dreams come true. Our vision is a Hungary that is confident in its knowledge and its results, plus a world that knows about it.

Solidarity in action

The "Solidarity in action" project aims to create a new mechanism of solidarity and responsibility between business companies, schools and local communities by establishing a scholarship programme for talented children and youth from poor families. The ultimate goal is to empower local communities so that they are able to raise money and fund educational scholarships independently. So far, the project resulted in 1132 scholarships.

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Chasing The Debt-Free Degree

The Scholarship Academy is a curriculum-based scholarship preparatory program that trains low-income, first generation students how to use the principles of leadership, entrepreneurship and civic engagement to reduce student loan debt.



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The Scholarship Academy


The Scholarship Academy is the nation's only curriculum-based scholarship preparatory program that trains low-income,first generation students how to use the principles of leadership, entrepreneurship and civic engagement to reduce student loan debt and increase eligiblity for entry level positions.

Product with passion

The idea is simple:You Buy-You Eat-You Support.We have created a partnership between the Foundation and the business to supply the ScholarshipFund to develop the talents.The system is simple and advantageous for each partner.Together we developed a new product,which is produced and sold by the bakery and profits are transferred to the Fund run by Foundation,which promotes the product and the purpose,and retail outlets get increased "FootFall".

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Learn, Heal & Raise to build Social Equity

Solving problems in society has always been a challenge to mankind. Despite many interventions, there seems to be newer problems arising due to changing patterns in society. Governments and NGOs have been doing their best to solve these challenges, but yet there is an urgent need for an effective problem solving mechanism within the country.



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Eventor HUB

le secteur de la société civile

Connecting OpportunitySeekeers with OpportunityCreators.
Space - Community - CoWork - Events - Innovation

Eventor HUB is a dedicated space to inspire, connect and empower individuals and groups who want to realize their ideas for sustainable impact in their communities.