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Make A Difference

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Make A Difference is a platform that empowers youth to become change leaders who make positive social impact and create self sustaining communities.

There are 2 million children growing up in orphanages and street shelters in India today. They are there because of no fault of their own.If we do nothing today, tomorrow 94% of them won’t study in a college.

Make A Difference is India’s largest youth teacher network that provides a platform for high-potential college students to make a difference; 10 children at a time.

Call for Changemaker Schools

Transforming Education: Ashoka, Start Empathy, and Changemaker Schools

Ashoka is the biggest and oldest global network of social entrepreneurs. Over the past 30 years Ashoka has identified and supported 3,000 entrepreneurs who are applying creative solutions to the world’s biggest social, environmental and economic challenges.

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Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children

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Active Healthy Kids Canada proudly presents the Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children May 19-22, 2014. This four day conference will bring together those who are working to resolve the growing childhood physical inactivity crisis. If you are looking to enhance the work that you do to get children more active, attending the Global Summit will give you the knowledge, tools and fresh insight that will help you maximize resources and build better policies, programs, campaigns to get kids moving.


Build self-reliance at the early age

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we do the exercise of theater and also used to shape everyday attitudes since early ages, because I want to make a change in attitude like easy to give up, angry, whiny, fearful, can only blame, but can not do it alone, etc.., To all the kids my age, so they can understand what they should do and have a passion to change her behavior by learning without feeling being changed

Girls On The Move

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Princess Club Organization is girls on the move to do something bigger than their surroundings. The goal is to take the girls out of their familiar territory and create a conference that will instill team building skills and encourage partnership in order to obtain a common goal and reach their dreams.


PeaceJam New England

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I am working with a team to create a new organization that would implement the PeaceJam curriculum within New England. It will endeavor to teach young people about peace activism, and active citizenship through the values of service learning and community building, along with the actions and inspirational stories of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates. It will accomplish this using the fundamental elements of Education, Inspiration, and Action.

Saksham "an education empowerment initiative"


Quality of learning outcomes in primary schools is poor and progressively worsens in higher classes. Students are found to be two to three grades below to their actual grade level competency requiremnts. In order to generate considerable improvements, the System requires tremendous modifications around instructional strategies, curriculum design and evaluation processes. Save The Children India(STCI), offers a remedial course which addresses all the above issues and creates child friendly classrooms for students to learn at their own pace.


Membentuk Kemandirian Sejak Usia Dini

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Inovasinya adalah dengan latihan teater tapi dipakai juga untuk membentuk sikap kita sehari-hari karena aku ingin membuat perubahan sikap mudah menyerah, pemarah , cengeng, penakut, hanya bisa menyalahkan, tapi tidak bisa melakukannya sendiri, dll., pada semua anak-anak seusiaku sehingga mereka dapat mengerti apa yang harus mereka lakukan & mempunyai semangat untuk merubah sikapnya itu dengan belajar sungguh-sungguh.