Euphoria: Art for Social Change

le secteur de la société civile

Reviving theatre and artistic activities in my community by taking the initiative to engage young people in extracurricular activities. I created an environment where I have invited many youths to take part of several performances. My aim is to improve education and work on social issues.


STEAMLabs is a community makerspace, where people of all ages and abilities come together for access to high tech tools, to learn, and to create. It’s a place for Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math to be used to invent the future! STEAMLabs is an entry point for both kids and adults looking to get started in electronics, coding, 3D design and printing, digital fabrication, and all kinds of hands-on making. It’s also a space for seasoned makers, entrepreneurs and artists looking to work with serious tools needed to get things done.



43° 38' 45.1356" N, 79° 26' 4.3044" W


le secteur de la société civile

Kids are natural Makers. Help them play to acquire the skills they need to be Makers of the future - creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, tech literacy, leadership, citizenship and more. At our 2500 sq ft Makerspace, we prototype activities to share with educators all around the world.

Jump A Bunch

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Jump A Bunch Fitness provides FUN fitness to adults and kids in the Northwest Territories. Our mission is to get individuals, communities, and schools active with fun- sustainable programming. Programming is based around three main fitness activities: BounceFitness; ZUMBA; and DANCEPL3Y.

Zenith Cleaning


Cleaning is more than simply removing dirt-it is the act of of revealing beauty and represents a lifestyle of cleaning up problems in our lives and communities. We want to introduce the many hidden life lessons behind the metaphor of cleaning to teach youth about altruism, empathy, and leadership.

Programa B-Challenge

B-Challenge es el programa de aceleración de innovaciones sociales de la Fundación, que nace con el objetivo de buscar soluciones innovadoras a los principales retos de nuestra sociedad.

La primera edición del programa está enfocada a proyectos educativos de base tecnológica.