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SIDEworks is a proponent of environmentally sustainable transformation of Pakistan, drawing together many diverse elements, design for climate, design for healthy interior environments, waste mitigation, appropriate use of materials, reduced water and energy consumption and restoration of habitat.



Look 100 times in side view mirrors while driving?
Want view of road at back?
What about the blocked road you will enter? Will you drive blindly?
Superview aims at providing vehicle users the present view of the road they are about to enter including vehicles present at that particular time.



One in a hundred Greek families resides along the coastline, lives exclusively from fishing and is threatened with extinction. The project attempts to bring back to life hundreds of fishing villages along the 15,000 kilometers of the Greek coastline.

Road Constructions

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Easy process which does not costs much but can be used to lay very durable plastic roads.
Few Advantages of plastic roads are:
Strength of the road increased (Increased Marshall Stability Value)
Better resistance to water and water stagnation
Increased binding and better bonding of the mix