EcoGreen Energy


In EcoGreen Energy, We seek to promote the use and recognition of organic wastes as a valuable commodities for a cleaner and greaner communities by employing microbial anaerobic digestion of the organic wastes to sustainable cooking gas and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer

Energize the Chain

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Millions of children die every year from preventable diseases because the available vaccines aren't reliably refrigerated. Energize the Chain solves this "last mile" cold chain problem by harnessing the energy available at cell phone towers to power up vaccine refrigerators. 

Gestão Responsável dos Resíduos

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O protocolo desenvolve um plano de melhoria nas empresas para os seus processos de gestão, criação e produção com foco na redução do resíduo e descarte responsável. Os catadores serão capacitados na identificação desses materiais para uma destinação mais adequada e de maior valor econômico.

Light Up Rural Zambia

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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital of Eastern Province of Zambia.

89% of the population is not connected to electricity and still using traditional energy sources that contribute to global warming


Classify24.com Marketplace

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Classify24.com is an innovative and slightly modified online classifieds, b2b marketplace and business directory for agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemicals, minerals, gemstones, metals, alloys and energy considering how important these sectors to individuals, businesses  and economies.