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The business of YaWEP is Skill acquisition programmes in mixed agricultural farming to include Poultry, Fishery, Cattle & Goat, Palm oil Production, Plantation. The company’s vision is to provide dependable employment for Youth & Women who has dependents relatives with them & unemployed.

Green Up Africa


We connect farmers within the same geographical region to provide a way out of the production of similar produce that end up flooding the market leading to very poor price products.We educate them on crop alternatives and provide a market for the grown produce.

Food Aid 2.0

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Food aid needs a makeover and NGOs have the ability to lead the way. Modern food aid can foster dependency, is inefficient, and can have negative effects on local agriculture. Food Aid 2.0 will provide a service for Haitian NGOs to transition to more efficient and effective food aid.

Henrific concept Project

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My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high cholesterol fatty foods,to low cholesterol and less greasy foods. This is to create a healthy alternative for fast food consumers; which reduces their likelihood of contracting chronic diseases like cancer.

Food for All

le secteur de la société civile

Food for All is a non profit that strategizes Excess Food Shelters as an assurance for the hungry to have food. Such as large granaries, food is bought at fair price and collected in safe, clean containers from entities around the country to various excess food shelters with help from food scouts.

imPACKt Farm


Where emergency relief is needed, food aid distribution inefficiencies waste much food, leaving many food-deprived. ImPACKt is a flat-pack farm sent as a post disaster relief. It's simple to install and scale-up, providing constant food-security to communities while the agricultural sector recovers.

Henrific concept

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I provide healthy wholesome,low in fat and calorie food for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Vegetarian tourists and individuals have issues eating at restaurants because of the lack of vegan menu. Hence to solve this problem,I deem it necessary to establish a vegan fast food eatery worldwide.