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KITOVU™ is a farmercentric mobile application that uses data from an online database it interacts with to create alerts on market opportunities to farmers, by creating market visibility for their produce. The increased market access reduces post harvest losses.

Henrific concept

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I provide healthy wholesome,low in fat and calorie food for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Vegetarian tourists and individuals have issues eating at restaurants because of the lack of vegan menu. Hence to solve this problem,I deem it necessary to establish a vegan fast food eatery worldwide.

Impact Project

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The Impact Project will empower smallholder farmers and give them the opportunity to play a leading role in the fight against hunger and extreme poverty in their own communities.

Mobile Market

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Mobile Market redirects surplus wholesome food from food service providers to non-profits that feed hungry families in their communities. Through our services, business partners qualify for enhanced tax deductions while decreasing waste and providing much needed aid to their communities.

Our Eden

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Our Eden project aims at fighting malnutrition in Sanankoroba which is a rural area of Mali. It provides training to gardeners on nutrition, good gardening practices and provides them with the necessary tools needed on the gardens.

Saving Our Future


Providing a solution to the problem of malnutrition and the high rate of child mortality. Inculcating innovative agricultural practices(biotechnology) proven to provide affordable and accessible means of acquiring needed micronutrients in the body both for the rural and urban households.

Vibrant Global Security

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Providing full range of security and risk management services for protecting assets of public and private sectors from conventional and emerging global security challenges, Job creation, Entrepreneurship development, Poverty reduction,

Rural Farmers Fund

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We solve food,nutrition and livelihood security to smallholder farmers by drought-and-disease resistant green onion and kale.Inputs given to self-help groups on credit,educate,then put them as producer groups.Upon harvest;repay loans,submit table-banking and social funds for self-sustainability.