Lerothodi (Pty) Ltd

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Borehole bulk sanitised water can be supplied to rural households in South Africa using our proposed reticulation system. This system will achieve one of the goals as proposed in the South African national development plan (NDP) while generally solving the problem of water sanitation and scarcity.

Gaon Se

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The aim is to organize the landless farm laborers and create a for-profit, risk taking, co-operative format cattle farming business. It will cater to the below poverty line rural population and produce will be marketed to the fast growing high maintenance lifestyle urban consumer as premium product.

The Plastic Bank

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We are making plastic waste a currency that can be exchanged for the items needed to lift someone out of poverty & become an entrepreneur. Our recycled plastic is sold to companies as Social Plastic™, allowing consumers to help reduce poverty and plastic waste worldwide through their purchases.


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The slums of Kibagare, Kenya, are home to 20,000 people without clean water or sanitation systems. Friends and family are lost every year to easily preventable diseases. TOHL wants to change that. With a system designed specifically for Kibagare's needs, we will bring them water for years to come.

Marcel the habit changer

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A composting toilet is a waterless and sustainable toilet system, with same comfort, but without impact on the environment with sewage waste.By separating urine, human pathogens are eliminated from solid waste in six to twelve months.We encourage you to change your habits in order to save enviroment

Rayat - Wine "U-1"

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Diabetic people is a group in constant grow and they need solve technical problems about what they can eat or drink.

Our proyect solve that situation using natural fruits, some of ingenius and finally a spoon of dedication with all our colaborators to be a unique food creation.

Zariya (connect to justice) - Indian Women's Justice Technology

Zariya empowers violence-sufferers by enabling them to report their grievances and immediately connect with service providers who can help them move on with their lives after a traumatizing experience. This helps women transition from being victims to survivors with a right and will to justice. Justice is often slow and, in the case of time-sensitive issues like violence against women, justice delayed is justice denied.



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