Project Growth Center

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What is the best spot in a jungle to see all the amazing animals? A waterhole. What if you can create such a spot in villages where everyone will visit at least once a day? What if you can turn it into a community-led retail outlet? Growth Center provides that gateway to corporate via CSR.

Changing The Game

le secteur de la société civile

Changing the Game is a strategic collaborative game on energy system planning. More than a game, it combines educational material, learning-by-doing and facilitated discourse. While game mechanics ensure scenario feasibility, the decision-making learners freely to negotiate their own priorities.

People for Play

le secteur de la société civile

People for Play is a retro-trendy initiative that builds on the barn-raising heritage of our province blended together with today’s flash mob spontaneity. Using social media networks, thousands of individuals will be invited to build, donate, contribute and play!

Parques Educativos


Los Parques Educativos son concebidos como espacios públicos para el encuentro ciudadano en el siglo XXI. Serán un modelo de desarrollo de capacidades individuales y colectivas a partir de la educación (formal y alternativa) que fomenta ciencia, innovación, cultura,juego,emprendimiento y ciudadanía

Helmet Renting Kiosks


Rent a helmet concept is to enable people of india easy access to these life savers on the go . Set up mobile kiosks with partnership that rent out helmets with sensors fitted on them for tracking, payment and also to ensure emergency help is given to them during accidents.E.G Smartskull idea.