Diminution de la pauvreté

SuperFluid Labs

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SuperFluid Labs is a data analytics firm with the mission of democratising data insights for everyone, fostering digital financial inclusion. We develop and deploy cutting-edge analytics technologies for enterprises and consumers to allow the under and unbanked populations to control their finances.

LettuceBee Kids

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We envision a future where no child is begging on the streets; a future where your fortunes depend on the richness of your spirit, not the richness you were born into. We, at LettuceBee Kids, work for this future through economically sustainable reintegration of street children into society.


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Farmshare, is a service which allows us, to support smallholder farmers, share production costs involved in crop production by providing;
Input asset finance like seeds, tractor services etc. to improve food security and hunger.

.kuchentratsch UG

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Kuchentratsch, that’s cakes made by grandma/pa. We offer the facilities and fair wages. 30 seniors bring time, effort and passion for baking. This makes for activities, talking and income for retirees, ensuring stability in their lives. Kuchentratsch sells the cakes to finance the social business.



GenderMax is a programme that uses arts and entertainment to promote gender equality and empower women, We use theatre plays to echo their rights, we train entertainers, beauticians, fashion designers and improve other handcrafts that amplify their opportunity the society.


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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar energy projects for remote communities in emerging countries.

ONganic Foods Pvt Ltd

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ONganic is a social enterprise that improves livelihoods of small organic farmers and connects them with urban consumers. Small farmers organized as a farmer producer company grow, process and package the produce, which is marketed and sold by ONganic through both e-commerce and offline platforms.