SunCycles Namibia


E-Mobility is the future. Solar powered electric bicycles as the most affordable and efficient way of moving mark the start. SunCycles Namibia invented the first low cost solar powered electric bicycle, environmental friendly, independent from fossil fuel and accessible for everyone.


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The first application that helps you measure your environmental impact and rewards you for looking after the planet.
It’s a free app, where the users can find relevant information and register their actions like recycling, biking, running, etc. These actions give points which can be trade for prize



All fuel powered automobile adds to pollution. Why not put an air filter on every vehicle? We can filter the incoming air by passing it through an opening and placing a filter in between which can be replaced. A vehicle powered vacuum machine can be attached to create the adequate pressure.


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There is a lot of inefficiency in the way people travel. Lots of us drive by ourselves, with all the waste this involves, even though a lot people have virtually the same routes. Workride is mobile platform made for enterprises, with the goal of promoting carpooling among its employees.

Ezekiel Inyang's New Entry

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The 3 greatest driving forces in life as seen in every face of life globally are: Desire, Passion and Compassion. We am only laying hold on this 3 Titans to actualize our goals on the Lifes of nigerians in Rural areas. I have been in their situation in which I swore to do all I can when am out.



Crazy engineering creates sustainable carbonless mode of transportation. An Advanced Pulley Pedal Glider (APPG) that also relies on water and soap propulsion system, iPROP, for takeoff and occasional flight adjustments. The glider is eco-friendly, reduces congestion and creates employment.

HITCH Systems

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HITCH is a modern approach to transport through a mobile/web application providing a booking and boarding service for mass transportation.
Solving traffic translates into better delivery of manpower, goods and services, reduces carbon emissions, and initiates economic growth.