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what if Egypt has less carbon emissions, a more productive society and an the Egyptian street treats both men and women with respect equally? all achieved through one single project ... a simple and smart solution that hammers on different society problems

Biogas Economy for Transport

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In the Philippines, Jeepneys and Tricycles are kings of the road. They'll be converted to hybrid electric-biogas vehicles run by biogas created from solid wastes sourced from homes. Families will be given credits to properly segregate their wastes for biogas generation that they can use for fares.

Bicycles Against Poverty

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Providing smallholder farmers affordable transportation so they can access basic life needs, including healthcare, clean water, education, and markets for trade. Bicycles Against Poverty works with rural African farmers to distribute bicycles on a financing plan so individuals pay back over 1 year.

Smart Jacket

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The Smart Jacket is a safety vest fitted with lights to increase the motorcyclist's visibility. The lights are controlled wirelessly from the motorcycle's indication system and clearly show the intents to turn left, right or to brake. This ensures the motorcyclist is always riding conspicuously.


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We believe that every city deserves a bikesharing. And that you can start one without city council support or thousands of dollars. We're making it happen in Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Olomouc, more to come...) right now and would love to spread the idea around EU.

Lets Play Technologies

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Often we purchase medicines for a week and we only take dose for three days and the remaining medicine either remains in the fridge until it expires or thrown into the basket. Our idea is to create a channel through which these medicines doesn't go to waste and can be given to the poor and needy.