Bus Pooling

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-Bus Pooling provides Bus Transportation for daily commuters.
-Clients submit details of their daily round trip between home and work (Home area - Work area - Working hours)
-Our system groups similar subscribers into groups.
-Once a group is ready We provide them a daily bus for monthly fees.

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Citizen Engagement: Key Ingredient in Road Safety


See an offender, upload their picture on Facebook. Police force in four major Indian cities—Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon— are taking a unique approach to catching drunk-driving offenders by enlisting the help of local residents.

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Look 100 times in side view mirrors while driving?
Want view of road at back?
What about the blocked road you will enter? Will you drive blindly?
Superview aims at providing vehicle users the present view of the road they are about to enter including vehicles present at that particular time.