Justice environnementale

A Sanctuary at the Bottom of the World

Lucas Chiappe, eco-activist, farmer and photographer from Argentina's spectacular Patagonia region, is leading an international coalition with a bold vision: creating a sanctuary that encircles the bottom of the planet to preserve the earth's southern-most forests. The Gondwana Forest Sanctuary is the first plan to conserve millions of acres of forests in four countries.


Saving Land Using a New Language: “Corporatese”

For indigenous people in Peru, for thousands of years being a good steward of the forest meant speaking the language of animals and plants, and mastering the nuances of their interdependence. These days, being a good steward means in addition to this, speaking the language of oil executives and interior ministry officials, and mastering the nuances of territorial law. 


Greening the White House: Van Jones takes the green-collar initiative to Washington, D.C.

Have you ever noticed that the healthiest lifestyles are found in the wealthiest communities? The organic markets, bike paths, and hybrid cars are luxuries for the privileged, though value is universal. Enter social activist Van Jones. A graduate of Yale Law School and author of the bestseller, The Green Collar Economy, Jones is on the bullhorn calling the world to recognize the value of green within reach—and he’s taking his message straight to the White House.