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As the Basel Convention has failed to prevent the proliferation of Ewaste to developing countries through the adoption of a limited ban & loopholes in the system whereby it permits waste exports under the guise of recycling or re-use.We must accept the harsh reality that a total ban is impossible.


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ECOBAGS.com.ng is a product of Green Waste Care, a social enterprise with the aim of leading an innovative waste recycling solutions in Nigeria, and ultimately in Africa. As a “social enterprise” we are committed to proffering innovative and financially sustainable solutions to social problems.


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MallorquinVIVE believes in children and youth as key agents for the future of water resources and its management that are key for local development. Starting by defining a new sense of belonging and then training them to defend and conserve the water bodies, our purpose is for a water future.

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Plastic is becoming one of the emerging issues on management of solid waste. It degrades our environment and also disturbs our waste management system. Therefore it is the most awaiting solution in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley. The drainage system is blocked by plastics in rainy season...

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The statistics of death rate in Nigeria can be decreased if we can invest a little resource in the ROAD SIGN VENTURE. Most roads do not have caution signs to alert the consciousness of the road users thus leveraging greater skewness in the accident kutorsis. Something ought to be done now.