Energie solaire



Liter of light provide long term 0 cost solar powered street lighting poles solutions for the base of the pyramid within conflict and extreme poverty zones in developing countries
Projects in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Chile, Ecuador
Scaling up to Street Poles with low cost paid wireless Internet


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Culture is a civilisation operating system. Ours need reboot and update. By harnessing the power of average human daily routines it's possible to create a regenerative habitats, that reconnects humans with natural resources and makes them soil, water systems, nutrients re-cultivating agents.

Elandes Engineering

le secteur de la société civile

This project harnesses the abundance of sunlight to light shopping centres in off-grid rural parts of Africa. This is achieved by using Solar Photovoltaic cells coupled with batteries. LEDs are used as luminaries with automatic brightness control.

SunCycles Namibia


E-Mobility is the future. Solar powered electric bicycles as the most affordable and efficient way of moving mark the start. SunCycles Namibia invented the first low cost solar powered electric bicycle, environmental friendly, independent from fossil fuel and accessible for everyone.


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LAGAZEL is the first start-up producing solar lanterns in Africa in order to bring affordable and high-quality solutions to 650 million African people who do not have access to grid. As far 2020, LAGAZEL expects 1 million solar lamps sold.


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Deberde schools: is a comprehensive model of Corporate Social Responsibility project that faces issues of schools in vulnerable areas in Colombia in terms of nutrition, renewable energy, water and waste management and promotes learning in the areas of leadership, environment, science and technology