Energie solaire

Clean Earth

This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water treatment systems in an effort to make available clean and safe drinking water in every house hold with considerable environmental sustainability.

Four Elements Conservation NPC

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Four Elements Environmental Scholarships have been awarded to selected school children to attend a 4 day camp on how to drive an environmental initiative, use social media, raise sustainable funding as well as engaging with nature by swimming with sharks and meeting wild elephants.


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Energy Poverty is a serious concern in our country as more than 400 million people are still devoid of access to a reliable and affordable source of energy. Lytyfy addresses the issue of energy poverty by combining technology, microfinance and community.

EcoEnergyFinance (EEF)


Despite the global proliferation of off-grid solar products, the rural poor of Pakistan don’t use them. Why? No one has shown them how these products can drastically improve their lives.

EcoEnergyFinance’s last-mile distribution model bridges this critical gap for the 70 million living off-grid.

SunAlpha Energy Pvt Ltd

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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders. Is there a low-cost, hassle free solution for you? Solar leasing helps you adopt solar energy at your point of consumption at zero upfront investment, achieve sustainability, add value to your property & save energy costs.

RE-Charge Tacloban

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The RE-Charge TekPak is a portable off-grid power source that uses photovoltaic technology. It aims to provide power source before, during, and after disaster situations. This modified and simplified solar energy source can easily be used by women and youth.


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SoLight provides the first steps for Ugandans climbing the energy ladder. We leverage existing shopkeepers to offer affordable solar programs that make switching from kerosene to solar easy for everyone.