Energie solaire


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Vandebron created an Airbnb-style site for electricity, cutting utilities out of the transaction entirely. Through our website, we arrange for consumers to buy electricity directly from independent producers, such as farmers with wind turbines in their fields.

African Clean Energy

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African Clean Energy provides clean cooking and renewable energy through the manufacture and distribution of the ACE 1 Solar Biomass Cookstove throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. The ACE 1 has the power to save millions of lives, alleviate financial and energy poverty and slow deforestation.

Solar Ear


An undetected hearing loss in a child will affect her cognitive abilities. 80% of hearing loss occurs after birth and 50% can be prevented. Solar Ear is developing a holistic hearing health solution using a Smartphone and implemented in rural villages using a micro-entrepreneur.


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Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to work with schools to find out which learners do not have electricity at home and raise sponsorship through companies' CSR programmes to provide the Sun King Eco from Greenlight Planet to them as a study tool.


Deaftronics (Pty) Ltd

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A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired people but also the operating costs in the form of hearing aid batteries.The solar powered hearing aid circumvents these challenges by charging batteries through the free power of the sun

Alamonk Recyclers Ltd

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We solve the problem of indiscriminate waste disposal and open incineration in Abia state, Nigeria. By educating communities and providing the necessary ground for sustainable waste management. Through incentive based waste separation, composting and recycling at the sources of generation.

Light Up Rural Zambia

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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital of Eastern Province of Zambia.

89% of the population is not connected to electricity and still using traditional energy sources that contribute to global warming