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In India, the Women's Self Help Group was formed few years back. They shared everything with one another and get a solution to overcome the problem. But for which, we need to educate and motivate them and lead them in the right way in order to give fruitful result to the society and their family.
The trafickling and elopment is reduced. But the false cases are filled against innocent men. Such exploitation should be avoided. But child labour is increasing, since the mother is busy with SHG. Idleness increase.



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Programa de Formação e Mobilização Social para a Convivência com o Semi-Árido: Uma Terra e Duas Águas (P1+2)

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O P1+2 complementa as ações do Programa Um Milhão de Cisternas (P1MC) na construção de cisternas de captação de água de chuva para consumo humano, avançando para a utilização sustentável da terra e manejo adequado dos recursos hídricos para produção de alimentos, promovendo a segurança alimentar e geração de renda.

The Real Food Campaign

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The Real Food Project is a collaborative effort of growers, distributors and consumers to ensure the availability of nutrient dense real food. Local farmers will be recruited and a series of lectures and hands-on workshops will assist and support them towards implementing the practices of growing nutrient dense foods.

Grupo Semillas

En Colombia se han liberado comercialmente el algodón y el maíz transgénico. Otros productos derivados de éstos y la soya, se importan al país. No existe una política gubernamental sobre bioseguridad que proteja la enorme agrobiodiversidad y la soberanía alimentaria frente a los cultivos GM, aprobados sin tener estudios de bioseguridad suficientes, y sin tener en cuenta a las comunidades rurales, las más afectadas por la introducción de transgénicos en sus territorios. Proponemos frente a las amenazas de los OGM:

Hawaii Farmers Union: Growing Radical Roots in GMO-Occupied Islands!

Here in Hawaii, place of more endangered and endemic species than anywhere - there are more unregulated GMO field tests than anywhere else as well! We are growing the newest branch of the radically progressive 107 year old National Farmers Union- advocating for family farmers, fishers and rural communities through its grasroots policy and 3-fold mission of Education, Cooperation and Legislation. The GMO and Biotechnolgy policy is conservative and provides us with the mandate to address this issue form NFU's farmer-authoritative perspective.

GE Free Yukon

GE Free Yukon is a close knit collaboration of farmers, social activists and consumers whose motivation is to keep the Yukon a GE crop free zone. Without mandatory labeling there is a need for a focused ubiquitous movement to create a GE Free region


The Campaign can end the genetic engineering of the food supply by creating a tipping point of consumer rejection of brands with GMOs. It already educates consumers about the health risks and provide clear non-GMO choices through GMO Health Risks brochures and printed Non-GMO Shipping Guides. Using its new online Non-GMO Shopping Guide, the Campaign will build a coalition of consumer, environmental, sustainable agriculture, health and healthcare groups to be campaign partners and use viral networking to mobilize millions of consumers.


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