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Financing Sustainable Agriculture

VSSU strongly follows conservative farming practices. It uses environment friendly manure and focuses on organic farming methods. VSSU is a promoter of organic farming however, it also resorts to means of improving farm yeild using traditional knowledge such as mixed cropping and rotation farming. Using hybrid seeds have not been of interest to VSSU since it is not poor friendly.

Rethinking Mental Health: Improving Comunity Wellbeing (Socio-economic Interface for violence Elimination).

le secteur de la société civile

 A dysfunctional family breeds future poor mental health and the disturbed mind originates from some form of violence. To improve community wellbeing we must end domestic violence. But domestic violence cannot be eradicated without placing men at the forefront of protecting women from violence since men are its main perpetrators.

TRANSGÊNICOS - Você sabe realmente o que significam?

Os transgênicos estão causando a maior transformação ambiental que o planeta experimentou até hoje sem que as pessoas sequer estejam  cientes do que eles são exatamente.
A idéia é estimular a reflexão e depois de formada a opinião, promover ação efetiva sobre esta enorme mudança para a qual sequer fomos consultados.
Através de um site informativo e um documentário permitir que as pessoas façam uma reflexão mais profunda sobre esta gigantesca mudança que está acontecendo silenciosamente em nossas vidas  e, sobretudo sem a nossa participação.

Winners: Scholar Farmers Improving Agriculture

In the Kibaale district of Uganda, small-scale farmers are revitalizing their trade and putting a fresh spin on traditional practices.

With the help of the Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT), local farmers play an active role in their independence, researching and implementing sustainable systems that increase crop production and enhance the quality of life.


Plotting Progress in Brazil

Agência Mandalla is helping Brazilian farmers make the most of small plots of land with minimal access to water and transforming the way they farm and support their families.

Founded by Ashoka Fellow Willy Pessoa in 2003, Agência Mandalla is able to assist farmers in growing organic food, earning a decent income, and giving back to the environment. The solution lies in a series of agricultural plots that combine to form a "mandala,” a farming technique that combines traditional and scientific knowledge.


Women Farmers as a Key to Rural Development

A sisterhood of farmers in West Bengal, India has organized a movement giving women a rightful claim to the land. Women are among the most vulnerable communities affected by rural poverty, but with the help of SRREOSHI, this disadvantage is about to change.