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La cadena de comidas rápidas Chipotle puede hacer la diferencia

La comida rápida en general está asociada a “es malo para la salud”. Sin embargo la cadena Chipotle es todo lo contrario. Sus comidas están elaboradas con productos orgánicos, sus carnes no han sido inyectadas con antibióticos y sus locales están construidos con materiales reciclados. Chipotle es concientización medioambiental.

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Seja rápido: Comer fast food pode fazer a diferença

Comer em uma lanchonete de fast food pode não parecer, à primeira vista, uma atitude progressista, mas se você der uma mordida em um dos imensos burritos da cadeia Chiplote, você estará apoiando um negócio dedicado a promover o uso de ingredientes naturais, a consciência ambiental e o entusiasmo pela educação.

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La chaîne de restauration rapide Chipotle peut faire la différence

Un repas rapide en général est associé à “c´est mauvais pour la santé” Cependant, avec la chaîne  Chipotle c´est tout à fait le contraire. Ses repas sont élaborés avec des produits organiques, ses viandes n´ont pas été piquées avec des antibiotiques et ses locaux ont été construits avec des matériaux recyclés. Chipotle représente la prise de conscience vis-à-vis  de l´environnement.


Walisuma: The best we have

 Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in America and it has an economy based on non renewal natural resources explotation. Unfortunately, this economy structure does not generate employment and do not create identity and do not take advantage of the knowledge of people.

Walisuma is a bet to position agricultural and artisans bolivian products into the most demanding niches based on four critical factors:

1. High quality products 

2. Recovering and appraisement of bolivian cultural identity using traditional and ancestral knowledge

The Garden Spot

C.A.R.E.S. has taken on the motto, "CARES Goes Green", where we plan to educate children between the ages of 6 through 18 about nature, health, environment, and the benefits of the going green movement.

The children will work hand in hand with community volunteers, church members and Bidwell Training Center staff to develop a flower and vegetable garden that will enhance their lives and the community.

Entrepreneurs for Africa's Future: Blue Kitabu

The main idea behind Entrepreneurs for Africa's Future is that students need a valuable and sustainable learning experience that allows them to apply their skills outside of the classroom.  Students also need to employ themselves in places that have very few jobs for thousands of graduates.  Thus, Blue Kitabu is focusing on entrepreneurial learning that teaches our students how to apply their business, science, math, art, health, language, reading and writing education to their daily lives.  Through learning these skills at school, the students will be able to generate produc

AMP ALIVE! - A Living Amphitheater

A dynamic space of inspiration, and a monumental site for local youth and the community-at-large. An outdoor, sculpted-earth amphitheater will provide a flexible arena for a variety of events, speaking for those who help design and construct it, and speaking to those who will gather within its bounds. The amphitheater will be the product of a community-based process commencing with forums to gather input from kids, teens and community members to reflect the needs and aspirations of our youth population.

Sweet Taste of Success

If you could name one economic development project that directly benefits the environment, what would it be? Or should we say, 'bee?'

Honeybees have the power to help secure a food supply, keep a local environment cleaner, bolster biodiversity, and generate income through honey production. And numerous initiatives in Africa are spreading the word about the advantages of honeybees and are training small farmers to add honey production to their agricultural activities.