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Vidyaprathisthan Institute of Information Technology (VIIT)

Amol Goje is enabling rural communities in India to participate effectively in the new economy, driven by computers and rapid information exchange. By educating and equipping rural producers with user-friendly tools to access market and crop information to enhance their business, and by simultaneously providing rural schools with IT education and training, Amol is closing the digital divide between the rural and the urban population.

Satpura Foundation

Kishore Rithe, a former engineering professor with a passion for tigers, is creating a network of model organizations to protect India's forests and wildlife. He is helping locals and conservationists work with government, journalists, national and global organizations to save India's fragile ecosystems.

Ecdysis Foundation

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Create a network of centers for excellence in regenerative farming practices that will transform food production from the bottom up. This initiative will use agriculture to confront national problems by rebuilding soil health, increasing biodiversity, and profitably producing nutrient dense foods.

Ilundamatwe Holdings ltd

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We'll sell affordable greenhouses,automated drip kits and solar powered sensors.In the next decade we'll help 60% of smallholder farmers save to 40% of current irrigation costs, empower them to produce consistently high yields of high quality products year round and conserve the environment

Shared Value Agents


Greatest value gets delivered via people. Agent management social enterprise bundles basket of BoP-desired products + services/training helping agriculture, finance, health, water/hygiene, ecology &/or ICT needs to diversify women’s revenue, sustain NGO trainings & make channels scalable 4 companies


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This project will help promote food security by building farmers capacity to adapt to the effect of climate change and also provide a technological solution to help communicate the daily weather conditions to local farmers.


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GreenLoo provides a public health service: it is a portable dry toilet that targets rural areas that suffer from the lack of sanitation. It also uses the human waste (urine and feces) and transforms it into a fertilizer throughout a simple process.