Personnes Handicapés

Health Aid


Thousands of people die and suffer due to their inability to afford healthcare. Health Aid is a revolutionary idea that will enable the people to crowdfund for healthcare and help those in need, simply by contributing small amounts of their time. 



Bardaskan is a marginalized town in west of Korasan razavi state (Iran) and what I'm trying to do to make change in my community is to start up a rural tourism ( actually agro-tourism and eco tourism in my hometown . This idea will helps us in different ways like providing jobs,market...

Changemakers Degree Module

I have found with evidence that there is not much help for people with Dyscalculia (difficulty in maths) but there is lots of help for people who have Dyslexia. The root cause is because of the lack of awareness about this learning disability. It leads to anxiety, stress and unemployment.

Autismo e Odontologia

software de comunicação do autista com o cirurgião-dentista para facilitar o atendimento odontológico em ambulatório. A maioria dos autistas são atendidos com anestesia geral devido a dificuldade de comunicação. Desenvolvi o programa e apliquei tendo bom resultado.

Sky Badger School Awards

le secteur de la société civile

The Sky Badger School Awards is a disability awareness programme for Primary Schools and community groups in the UK
The programme includes exciting and innovative learning activities that support teachers and put disability issues at the heart of the National Curriculum.

The elai Project


The elai project makes all social goods and services fully accessible to all persons, regardless of disability or ability. Our aim is the full letter and spirit of the ADA in practice. This includes teaching a paradigm shift in how people understand disabilities and accommodations.