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O WebSonora é um aplicativo que utiliza-se de reconhecimento e síntese de voz para prover acesso a uma enciclopédia sonora, uma rede de sites sonoros e twitter.

Concepts To Projects (CTP)

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Poverty is enemy of society and human rights. Delivery of livelihood initiatives directly to those that lack preconditions for application and award of services that transform communities into economic zones with the ripple effects of poverty reduction and resilience for sustainability.

Sin brecha 2.0

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Sin brecha 2.0, a través de su plataforma, persigue que las personas con discapacidad intelectual sean partícipes de su propio aprendizaje, siendo ellos los principales actores en la construcción de contenidos sobre el uso correcto de la tecnología.

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I'm a paralyzed german, who likes riding handcycle. During a stay in Mexico, I rode, too. A guy in a wheelchair asked me if I have another handcycle to borough him? I didn't! But I started to think, about how to help wheelchairs users without financial recources to get their own handcycle.

New Beginning

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New Beginning is a private psychological clinic for distorted people who lose their passion of life because of the others mistake. This psychological clinic will provide them support, therapy, and skills training.

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging art sessions to care homes and residential homes.<!--break-->Their art sessions enable the residents to have fun creating beautiful artwork under the supervision of a professional artist. The residents enjoy using a variety of media to create art and spend time with their peers in a social inclusive group. The business has recently created a franchise model, for which they have received substantial interest from artists around the country.



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Athena Fund

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Today, many special education teachers in Israel are excluded from the computer revolution and unable to fully meet their students' diverse needs. Athena Fund aims to provide these teachers with iPads and technological training to empower them so that they may teach their students more effectively.



Totohealth is a social enterprise utilizing mobile technology to detect child development abnormalities and improve access to maternal and child health information for parents from marginalized communities using mobile technology.