Academy for Conscious Change

Targeting the most marginalized and under-resourced women in post-conflict societies, Global Grassroot's Academy for Conscious Change serves as an incubator of grassroots civil society projects designed to address critical issues facing women. The Academy for Conscious Change recognizes these women, most of whom are survivors of sexual assault and genocide, as potential change agents and those best suited to identify, diagnose, and solve for the social issues that compromise the health, education, opportunities, and rights of women and girls in their communities.

Save Our Mothers Campaign

HELIN-Heal The Land Innitiative- works to promote mother and child survival at the community level. We provide services to ensure that all women have access to family planning, skilled care at birth, emergency obstetric care and postpartum care. This campaign seeks to advocate for government and communal investment in health workers and health system functioning and strengthening. The following services are being provided:-
* Community dialogue meetings and outreach
* Advocacy
* Press conferences/releases
* Referral services



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The Hay to Timbuktu Maternal Health Project

We have agreed to make antenatal care free in this district and also implement an innovative programme of population engagement to ensure the services are used. Through training 28 health educators to talk to womens groups, mens groups and the local health board we aim to raise awareness of the signs to look out for in pregnancy and the importance of antenatal care as well as general health advice on hygeine and sexual health/HIV. We have also entered into partnership with Radio Buktu to broadcast a health information programme to Timbuktu.



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Give Life A Chance

'Give Life A Chance' (GILAC), is an HIV/AIDS initiative under the Health Department of FrontLine. It is designed to fill the gap left by existing institutions that are simply overwhelmed by the scale of the pandemic. It encompasses three initiatives: HIV Prevention & Advocacy, under which 'Life Goes On' (LGO) falls; HIV/AIDS Care & Support (Including orphan care and support); and HIV/AIDS Mitigation. Plans are underway to open an Opportunistic infections Clinic to help improve the welfare of people living with HIV.



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Primary Maternal health care

le secteur de la société civile

Primary maternal health care is an innovated project portrayed as an after thought, which should be run by charities or NGOs out of makeshift premises with concerned volunteers struggling to provide rudimentary care.

The project primary maternal care should have the potential to deliver the best health outcomes to the largest number of poor women in the rural at the lowest cost. as in my country,with poor infrastructure, women still trek for more than 60km to get to a hospital. If adapted the plan can help the country in achieving the MDG Goal 4, 5 and 6

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Millenium Campus Network - Commit in September Campaign

The Commit in September Campaign is a grassroots effort across US campuses to increase awareness of extreme poverty and to urge our government to re-examine their their foreign aid policies and commit tangible action towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the United Nations Summit in September 2010. This campaign will harness the passion and drive of young Americans to focus on changing the world they live in.



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Site de prevenção à violência sexual contra a mulher

O presente projeto objetiva dar visibilidade ao tema da prevenção da violência sexual, através de site na internet dirigido aos profissionais de saúde. Observa-se a insuficiência de sites nacionais sobre violência sexual contra a mulher e a relevância de colocar a informação sobre a prevenção da violência sexual contra a mulher a disposição dos profissionais dos serviços.

Super Model to Combat Human Trafficking

It is a comprehensive strategy of networking with other relevant agencies,government departments, police, lawyers and national organizations working on human trafficking.Its aim is to trace trafficked women and children in the sex trade, rehabilitate them, repatriate them to their own homes or other facilities, and provide training in skills so they may support themselves. The system identifies traffickers and keeps records in a database. Rescued girls form part of a support group to help other survivors reorient themselves to a different life.



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Family Health Alive Programs

MLI is a Montana-based nonprofit organization that was formed to assist people in developing countries with a family of safe, practical, life-affirming, and innovative medical care and resource assistance programs. Under an umbrella of Family Health Alive programs, Maternal Life International provides HIV risk avoidance, treatment and care programs, and safe birthing services to families. The programs are module-based and can be selected individually or in groups by in-country people and organizations, depending on need.