Kitchen Garden

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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group. If a sufficient area is found in a house and they can form a group of 10 to 15 and do this as regular cultivation of fresh veg & greens.

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Mother Feeding

Baby food should be with iron, proctein & Vitamin C.
If the pregnant ladies are noted down and properly treated, then most of the Nutrition problem will be solved. In a village of 2000 people mostly around 5 to 10 pregnant women are found. So, it is very much necessity to identify them and give nutritious food of “Chatthu Mavu”, ie. Dhal flour powder (contains nine dhalls).
Alongwith the nutrition flour powder, we must council the ladies for betterment of their mind. The ladies are very fond of goose berry, which is very well available.



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Cultivating Health

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We improve the health and well-being of HIV-positive and other at-risk individuals in developing nations. We do this by teaching the skills and providing the infrastructure to create sustainable community gardens, thereby empowering people to improve both their nutrition and earning potential.

Combining Nutritional Supplement and Income Generation at HIV Affected Homesteads

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HIV by itself is deadly. HIV in combination with poor nutrition is devastating. Introducing Moringa Oleifera into rural Swazi homesteads would provide both a nutritional supplement to raise the baseline nutritional level and provide the opportunity for income generation from the sale of excess leaf and seed product.

Save-a-Life Cooking Stoves

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In Africa, 50% of the household income is spent on wood for open fire cooking producing toxic smoke.
We will ship an award-winning cookstove that burns 25% of wood, has no toxic fumes, and saves money buying wood.
This reduces respiratory illnesses, saves on wood, reduces levels of toxic smoke.



The idea is about using Amaranth weed to provide nutrition for the rural population in Kenya and those living with HIV and AIDS virus. The weed grows widely during the rainy seasons and it usually sprouts up healthily around cow sheds which is a common site in Kenya's rural areas