Fishing for conservation

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If the momentum of a current boom in recreational angling is steered toward the capture of captive bred fish rather than wild fish, aquaculture can be subsidized into profitability using entry fees in cases where it would otherwise be economically nonviable, reducing pressure on wild fisheries.

Team 5

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To encourage and educate the general population on how to become more fit and healthy while having fun. The goal is to dramatically cut down the number of Americans with obesity in order to strengthen America as a whole.



In a country as heavily populated & economically challenged as Egypt which is currently classified according to WHO as the fattest African nation mainly due to bad eating habits, lack of exercise & sedentary life. A need for an effective, cost efficient, adoptable lifestyle shift is pressing.


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We believe that every city deserves a bikesharing. And that you can start one without city council support or thousands of dollars. We're making it happen in Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Olomouc, more to come...) right now and would love to spread the idea around EU.