The Community Cup Games

le secteur de la société civile

Integration is tough. Whether a newcomer chose to be in Canada or not, there are challenges and barriers in making connections, staying positive, and maintaining health. We know a powerful means to breaking down barriers and fostering welcoming and understanding healthy communities. It's Sport!

Safe Play = More Play

No one wants safety concerns to discourage physical activity. The Ontario Safety Guidelines provide teachers, coaches and parents with the best practices for creating safe playing environments for their kids. Kids can also take responsibility for their own risk-taking in order to play safe.

200 km de coeur en français

le secteur de la société civile

Des élèves de l'école participent à un événement de course à pieds: le 200 km de coeur. Ces élèves sont jumelés à de nouveaux immigrants en francisation. Ceux-ci participent aux entrainements 2 à 3 soirs par semaine. Ils participent aussi à des activités d'intégration (canot, randonnée...).

Défi Sportif du Sémi

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Dépasser nos limites, surmonter les obstacles; quel accomplissement! C'est ce que propose le Défi Sportif du Sémi dans une course à obstacles pétillante de 5 km qui a pour but de faire bouger les jeunes, mais aussi de leur apprendre qu'il est important de persévérer.


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"Get Here From There" is a series of 12 foot and bike events designed to get people together to participate, compete, socialize and explore their neighbourhoods. The races get longer as the year progresses to allow people to make incremental, achievable steps towards permanent lifestyle changes.

ReaLeague at BGCP

le secteur de la société civile

ReaLeague at BGCP brings together teens from the east and west sides of the 101 and provides youth with a rigorous sports program that inspires them to live active and healthy lives, to participate in and promote understanding in our communities, and to strive for personal and collective success.

Test Drive a Sport Events

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Create set dates to have Test Drive a Sport across Canada. All sport complexes, fitness and dance studios, gyms, boxes, sport fields, etc. would all submit their facility location, sport/fitness category, age allowance and discounted pricing to those trying that sport/activity on those dates.