GO- Is GET OUTSIDE!!!! We want to bring back outside play with our youth and for that we have to provide them with opportunities. We have built a shed for equipment, now we have to fill it!!! We want to build a natural playground, we have talked with a contractor now we need funds!!!! GO GO GO!!!!


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The 20/20 Challenge is a daily 20 min in-class program that improves physical fitness over 20 weeks. The training prepares elementary and secondary students to complete the 5K Run4Change, an initiative that empowers participants to stay fit for life and make change in their local community.

Croft Elementary School Forest Classroom


Swinging into Active Living is situated in Croft Elementary School's Forest Classroom, a five acre outdoor classroom used to promote physical activity and environmental awareness. It has groomed trails and an open seating area for group instruction. It is accessible to all individuals and open to the community following instructional hours. This project will expand the classroom to include a challenge/ obstacle course which promotes teamwork and trust as well as physical stamina.

Walk to fitness

Students are to use pedometers to reach their fitness goals. At first students are given an easy achievable goal and as they enter the gymnasium, the goal will increase. They will soon realize they will need to walk quickly, run and walk and finally run to get to their goal. This is an introduction to running. Once at the running stage the pedometer will be switched to a running watch and heart rate monitor.



45° 29' 44.1888" N, 73° 32' 43.8576" W

Yoga Foster


Yoga Foster brings free kids yoga programs to schools in the U.S. Our programs blend storytelling with yoga poses and breathing to help kids become more creative, innovative and inspired. We use a network of parents, teachers, and volunteers that we train for free to give back in their community.