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Think of KIDO as one part game platform, and one part fitness tracker Designed specifically for kids age 8 to 12, completely focused on bringing back the Fun to Play. It’s a set of wristband and SyncStation that makes kids go crazy about play!

Rock Challenge Canada

The concept of Rock Challenge is for youth to experience a 'drug free high' and to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Up to 100 students from each school are able to take part. Schools come together to take part in an event in a professional venue.

City of St. Catharines


Playgrounds should provide children with opportunities for safe, wholesome and satisfying play in a carefree, yet creative way. We are wanting to propose the idea of a travelling playground. This playground will provide space for children to play,have fun, and be safe in their local neighborhood.

Un pas à la fois


Plus de 50 élèves de l'école élémentaire Saint-Rémi se rencontrent 2 fois par semaine lors du dîner afin de participer au club de course. Pour célébrer nos succès, nous organisons une course à relais de 23km qui nous permet de se rendre de l'école jusqu'au Parlement.



Providing opportunities to school aged children to explore and experiment with a variety of sports and associated skills. Allowing each child to increase their level of physical activity to achieve daily recommendations. All while maintaining a fun environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle!