Ludotekas INDER


Son escenarios privilegiados para el juego, usando dispositivos pedagógicos y formas de juego que garanticen la vivencia de experiencias gratas, para el fortalecimiento de competencias sociales y el afianzamiento de valores de convivencia. Con la participación directa del grupo familiar queremos ofrecer momentos y espacios que co-adyuven al diario vivir de los niños y niñas, para fortalecer los lazos de afecto y protección significativos en el desarrollo infantil temprano.

Project Enhance

Since 2010, Anand Koti brings karate art, cognitive stimulation and psychological activities to two government schools located in Pune, India and benefits 210 girls (2014-2015 period) who are at risk of dropping out formal education, need to control emotions and to improve their overall health, in sum, demand to be socially active and a better quality of life/well-being.



18° 31' 11.55" N, 73° 52' 42.5208" E

Casa Turuleka

le secteur de la société civile

El proyecto Casa Turuleka se centra en la promoción y reconocimiento del Derecho al Juego y la educación en niños/as y adolescentes de 4 a 14 años de edad residentes del AAHH Cerro San Cosme - La Victoria


à but lucratif

Think of Kido as one part game platform, and one part fitness tracker Designed specifically for kids age 8 to 13, completely focused on bringing Back the Fun to Play. It’s a set of wristband and SyncStation that makes kids go crazy about play!


à but lucratif

Our mission is to inspire people to get outside and create their own play through the framework of a life-sized board game. Doozy lets you be your own game piece and flex your creative muscles as you hop from space to space completing challenges with other players.

Culture of active aging


In Greece it is generally believed that there is no concern for the elderly. Our idea creates the motive to activate the aging population through a wide range of activities.The activities include a daily cultural cruise with sightseeing tours, yoga training and taste of Greek herbs.