Monthal Playful

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1. Reuse of waste from the confection industry. 2. Thousands of tons no longer being discarded improperly. 3. Children with higher quality and interactivity in teaching. 4. Theatrical presentations with educational basis.

Susana Morales's New Entry

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The rapid environmental deterioration and depletion of Guatemala's natural resources is undermining its rich bio-diversity and limiting its potential for economic development. We can sow chaya, moringa and a lot of plants, make a wonderfull Organic Mayan Farm.



Nigeria can be a major destination for sports and tourism by engaging the youths in physical activities in sports talent discovery and development, thereby turning away their attention from restiveness which will result in self development, self-worth and status,

One Win Leads to Another (OWLA)

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We use the power of play and games to build leadership of female workers in garment factories, get an understanding of their needs and priorities, deepen the impact of rights-based interventions and– ultimately yielding a return on investment for all stakeholders in the garment value chain.

Virada da Saúde: app mobile

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"Virada da Saúde" an opportunity to talk about health in an innovative way, without focusing on assistance or disease but addressing prevention. In 2015 had more than 900 activities in the city of SP, in 391 locations and 77,000 participants. An app mobile is an opportunity to reach more people.

Proyecto Raíces

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This initiative is about to bring nature back to the city. There will be a significant improvement of the urban environment and public health if we apply restoration ecology principles in the management of urban areas to create large ecological connectivity networks and conservate biodiversity


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Piron is building new ways to improve healthcare assistance through the use of IoT and artificial intelligence.
We currently have a system to lower medical costs and make communication between doctors and patients more easier, giving automatic feedback to doctors about patient health 24 hours a day

Sole Girls

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Sole Programs is a powerful network of young people who are changing lives. Through mentorship and non-competitive physical activity we run empowerment programs that train young girls and boys for a 5km a fun run, build positive mental and physical health, confidence and self-love.



SAMA'S CARE LTD strives to bring HEALTHCARE to homes, and professionalize the HOME CARE sector in Cameroon. We recruit and train personnel whose job it is to provide health and home care to households in Bamenda, and subsequently Cameroon.