The Circus Aerials Society


Aerial Circus arts has moved from Cirque spectaculars to something that anyone can practice: developing strength, flexibility and endurance. We have been teaching at a Recreation Centre but our dream is to have our own space where we can teach and train full-time. We want to teach the world to fly.

Play it Forward

Play activities including Little league sports, after school play or activities and weekend play will be tracked. Canadian children's play will be tracked and data maintained on Canadian recreation of all sorts. There will be a challenges inserted as incentives such as provincial proficiency.

You Can Ride 2

le secteur de la société civile

You Can Ride 2 gets children with disabilities outside riding bicycles with their families and friends. Each summer, YCR2 runs "learn to ride" courses specifically for kids with disabilities aged 8 and above. Kids with greater needs can borrow an adapted bike for the summer from our loan pool.

Ma santé au sommet


Ma santé au sommet (MSS) est le programme de promotion des saines habitudes de vie de HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal et l'Université de Montréal.

MSS souhaite tenir un Forum d'échange participatif et mobilisateur sous la thématique: Ensemble pour un campus en santé !

Safe Play = More Play

No one wants safety concerns to discourage physical activity. The Ontario Safety Guidelines provide teachers, coaches and parents with the best practices for creating safe playing environments for their kids. Kids can also take responsibility for their own risk-taking in order to play safe.