DrumFIT Kit + Kick-Off Day


Our Parent Council has identified physical education & promoting a healthy active lifestyle for students as a priority for the 2014-2015 school year on.We believe DrumFIT is a unique, non-competitive, inclusive program that will help our diverse student body obtain 60-min of daily physical activity.

Fit-Fun-Fantatic Canada


A web portal for children, families and/or schools to track their lifestyle changes and integration of play (activity) into their daily lives. The website would provide fun and interactive tools to learn about non-costly ways to implement health conscientiousness into our day and community support.

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We want to make it easy for anybody to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in order to play sports. We're solving issues that team managers have when they're short players as well as providing people with the ability to find game time regardless of time commitment, economic or social barriers.

Evangeline School

We live in a rural area and I found that kids don't use bike anymore to go from a place to another, they use motorcross, 4 wheelers etc. We would like to be able to buy some bike for the school and create a program to encourage kids to use bike to go from place to place. It's better for their health and less risk of injury. So if we could buy a couple of bike it would help us to create a biking program at our school.

Addicted to Sports Inc.

Addicted to Sports Inc. is an After 4 Sports Program for children ages 4-14 yrs. It was established as a result of the growing concern over the health risks associated with obesity in children. The program promotes participation to help children build self esteem and competence through team and cooperative play. The program teaches skills and games because they believe that when children complete new skills with competence, that they will develop a love for learning. The program is owned and operated by two Health and Physical Educators currently working in the education system.



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