le secteur de la société civile

More than 89% of our 4 million girls working in the RMG industry use factory floor thrown away strips of cloths for their Menstruation. Most of these women are suffering from the negative consequences of unhygienic menstruation practices. We will provide them with low-cost sanitary napkins.



Sanivation plans to reach 100,000 people in the next 3 years using a sustainable model which treats waste as a resource and users as customers. Sanitation provides a toilet service and charcoal alternative burning fuel at a rate households can afford due to a simple no mysteries closed loop system.

AquaAid International

le secteur de la société civile

AquaAid International works with community partners to design and implement culturally appropriate, result bearing, and cost-effective water and sanitation projects. AquaAid supplements our water and sanitation projects with an educational program to foster generations of sustainability.

Safe-Tee Solutions


We use discarded vinyl banners (sourced for free from ad agencies and companies) to make protective suits for waste management workers (WMW), rickshaw-pullers, and poor school children. The suits will be given for free and will be cross subsidized using a premium brand called Conscious Shopper.

Project Azmat


Project Azmat aims to rehabilitate a community of 18 women, earlier engaged in the practice of manual scavenging, by facilitating the construction of proper toilet systems and providing an alternate and sustainable source of livelihood through the development of a detergent making micro-enterprise.

FullSoul Canada


FullSoul Canada will be launching its first line of high-end luxury shirts to support the costs of equipping clinics in Uganda with medical kits outfitted with the proper tools needed for a safer, more hygienic birth. Each shirt will be manufactured with social impact at its core.