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Food on Wheels produces feeds for animal and fertilizers for plants from digestion of domestic and agricultural waste. The recycle of these waste provides a source of raw materials for sustainable food supply and helps reduce enviromental hazards and pathogens that spread from accumlation of wastes.


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Public Urination is a menace and disease in itself yet taken as a commonly accepted phenomenon. Let us curb the menace and eliminate this disease. Our streets require clean and easy to use urinals. Let us bring the change, we are worth the change and deserve it immediately.



H2.0 finances biodigesters in boarding schools. Biodigesters eliminate the need to constantly construct new pit latrines as well as eliminating the need to buy or harvest firewood for cooking fuel. This solution protects the environment, saves money, and grants access to sanitation.



Dirt floors make people sick, and billions of people now live and sleep on a dirt floor because they cannot afford concrete. Concrete costs a Rwandan family up to $500, but EarthEnable will floor a home for 90% cheaper using proven and sustainable building techniques and a proprietary green varnish.

Mech-Sys Water Purifier


People in rural areas of Pakistan can't have access to pure water because of two reasons: Energy Crisis and Poverty. My project focuses on making a water purifier that would use electricity generated by pressure, noise and mechanical movement of human propelled lever/rod (like one in bicycle).

Aakar Innovations


Aakar Innovations equips rural Indian women with affordable, effective and 100% biodegradable sanitary napkins through an innovative sanitary napkin production unit, otherwise known as a “mini-factory” where women are employed to manufacture and distribute the pads in their own villages.

New Beginning Africa

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New Beginning Africa diagnoses and treats condition of all types, in people of all ages. We emphasize preventive medicine and holistic health and wellness for all patients. We are community driven and community focused to fight against the most prominent threats in pursuing a bright future.