Health e-ntreprenHEuRs

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Health e-ntreprenHEuRs disseminate essential healing knowledge to rural and urban slum communities using mobile technology, while providing access to essential health services and quality products that promote health, wellness and balanced nutrition.

Empowering Pachitulul

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Indigenous Guatemalan women struggle to afford sufficient basic healthcare products such as feminine pads. Our reusable product, Pads for the Planet, based on the Days for Girls model, offers local women an economic alternative which reduces the problematic waste that disposable products create.

Marcel the habit changer

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A composting toilet is a waterless and sustainable toilet system, with same comfort, but without impact on the environment with sewage waste.By separating urine, human pathogens are eliminated from solid waste in six to twelve months.We encourage you to change your habits in order to save enviroment

Toru- the idea tree


Project "To-Gather" is a cooperative communal cooking space that is fueled by biogas generated from community sanitary latrine.Sharing economy model enables families to afford & access a common facility of fuel efficient cooking stoves & modern latrines which are not affordable by them individually.


Sepsis and tetanus are among of the leading causes of both maternal and newborn death in Nigeria. These infections occur mainly as a result of contamination from an unclean environment and from harmful delivery practices, including the use of unclean  materials during the delivery.



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SPOUTS of Water


By locally producing affordable ceramic water filters, we alleviate unnecessary human suffering, provide job opportunities through our local production facility and encourage individuals to take ownership of their clean water status by selling our filters at an affordable price.