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Most people drink unsafe water from a river which is contaminated with silt and other solid material, This has increased number of cases diagnosed with digestive tract infection and kidney failure, the charcoal water filters are used to remove this harmful silt.

Corazones Sin Frontera


Programa innovador en ortodoncia preventiva e interceptiva a través de aparatología Trainer y enseñanza de ejercicios de terapia miofuncional a través de trucos de magia infantil. Avalado por: Fundación Maniapure, Ashoka Venezuela, Fundación BBVA provincial, UCV.

Toiletten machen Schule - Wettbewerb | Toilets are making the grade - Competition

“Toiletten machen Schule” is a nationwide competition for schools, aiming to improve the poor state of many school toilets in Germany. It provides an incentive as well as concrete guidance to schools and students on how to sustainably improve the situation by building up broad partnerships and developing concepts that help breaking the hindering toilet taboo, introduce small but powerful technical improvements and new organizational structures.

World Toilet Organization: Leveraging brand equity

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The World Toilet Organization (WTO) was founded by Jack Sim (Singapore's first Ashoka Global Fellow) on 19th November 2001 in Singapore. WTO is Singapore’s first global non-profit organisation committed to improving sanitation conditions worldwide. Since its inception, WTO has brought together key players from governments, academia, civil society, multi-lateral agencies and the private sector to explore innovative and sustainable solutions to the global sanitation crisis.



mSchool permet aux élèves et enseignants de participer au suivi des conditions d'apprentissage dans les écoles primaires du Sénégal. Par simple SMS, un enfant peut ainsi alerter sur l'état des toilettes, la cantine, etc. et déclencher la résolution.

Nursing for All

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Nursing for All's flagship program, the Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program, has seven programs operating in two cities in Liberia. NFA asked local nurse leaders to submit their ideas for public health programs their communities need and selected the seven strongest proposals for funding.