Recipe for Success: The Impact of Safe Cooking on Family Health and Prosperity

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Paso a Paso creates income opportunities for women and craftsmen while also reducing upper respiratory infections in women and children. 83% of Guatemalans use wood to cook meals, most in open pit fires. Unvented fires causes health risks from carbon monoxide/noxious fumes which are typically 500 times the allowable limits. The WHO reports that upper respiratory infection is the # 1 killer of Guatemalan women and 1 out of 5 children die due to respiratory illnesses before age 5.

Sustainable Sanitation in Urban Slum

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Sanergy is permanently reducing sanitation related disease in urban slums by making hygienic sanitation accessible, affordable, and sustainable. 2.6Bn people in developing countries and 8Mn in the slums of Kenya, our initial market, lack access to adequate sanitation. The resulting disease kills 1.6Mn children each year and costs countries up to 6.4% of GDP. The high population density combined with the lack of infrastructure and resources makes the problem particularly acute in slums.

I Could, We Can n It will work

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I Could
In 2010, I met with an accident. I got supra-condular fracture. I was totally bed-ridden for many months. My urine was getting stored in small bucket and then it was thrown as fertilizer for plants n trees.

We can
We in our house saw the benefits and started storing urine for our plants and trees. Slowly my sister's and brother's family followed us.
Urine can be used as organic liquid fertilizer

It will work

I Need Fresh Water

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Reliable and safe water is essential to human health and economic development. According to the World Health Organization, "A lack of water to meet daily needs is a reality today for one in three people around the world...and the problem is getting worse". These are not victims of poor choices, most are born into circumstances where safe water is not available or affordable. While billions are spent on large charity and aid packages to governments each year, the problem continues and is getting worse.

A Vision for the Blind and Disabled in India

Jyothi Corp Mission is to empower and minister the poor, hungry, the vulnerable and the visually & mentally challenged people; to provide all that is needed to bring out their best by perseverance, unconquerable spirit and positive attitude. The Jyothi Corp dream is to give opportunities to help children, young adults, and elders reach their potential in their communities.

Devnar School of the Blind: Servicing 400 students
Selected by India Government as; “Blind School of the Year”. Location: Hyderabad A.P., India



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Mulheres de corpo e algas através do cultivo e beneficiamento sustentável de algas marinhas

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Demonstrar que é possível o uso sustentável dos recursos naturais através de ações direcionadas à produção sustentável, no caso o cultivo e beneficiamento de algas marinhas associadas a ações de recuperação do banco natural e a preservação de sua biodiversidade.

Water and Sanitation for Mathare

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I want to empower community-based organizations (CBOs) in informal settlements to generate income and accelerate development in their communities by becoming local vendors of water and sanitation services. In doing so, KWENCH will be providing legitimate, reliable customers to the local water and sanitation utility, the Nairobi City Water and Sewer Company (NCWSC), enabling the NCWSC to increase its profitability and extend services to other informal settlements.

Solar Heater Water Filtration Bottle

With the sweeping water shortages all over the world, water filtration is important and valuable to several different countries and peoples. To solve this problem, and help save lives, we have developed a portable water filtration device that will supply cool, clean water all over the world. The production of this filtration will not only bring fresh drinking water to third world countries and populous’ around the world but raise the human mortality rate. The peoples that are thus affected by the change in health would ultimately be more productive in their economy and government.