Financiamento e estruturação das atividades econômicas das categorias menos privilegiadas.

Entende-se por Financiamento e estruturação das atividades econômicas das categorias menos privilegiadas, aquelas em que o fomento das instituições financeiras públicas ou privadas não atingem ou não conseguem atender a demanda por apresentarem em seu contexto a informalidade como principal fator, dificultando o acesso ao crédito dificultando seu desenvolvimento.

Patients as Providers: Health Promoter Practitioners as the "Doctors" of Their Communities

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In impoverished communities abroad, where the greatest need for "patient empowerment" is creating access to decent and appropriate health care services, Concern America has developed programs that engage the community members themselves, known as "Health Promoter Practitioners,” who are trained to provide primary health care that is affordable, effective, and community-based.

Finding Life in Mobile Phone

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Many youth, women, parents and elderly people in developing countries do not have access to information about health care providers and their services. Likewise, many providers do not understand how to deal with their clients. This project will act as an information intermediary between clients and the health service providers, helping them have a balanced health service through use of our technol


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Creación de puestos móviles que son instalados en las zonas más pobres de la provincia en donde mediante un equipo de médicos y ópticos se presta atención ocular buscando acercar la calidad de salud visual a la población, de manera que tener un anteojo no sea un privilegio de los menos sino un derecho de todos además como detectar enfermedades y familiarizarlos con el cuidado

WASH United

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Aproveitar a força do futebol para catalisar mudanças sociais e envolver grandes estrelas do futebol internacional e do futebol africano como modelos para a promoção da água potável, saneamento e higiene para todos na África Subsaariana, antes e após a Copa do Mundo de 2010.

WASH United

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Tirer profit du pouvoir du football pour catalyser le changement social en demandant aux étoiles du football international et africain de montrer l´exemple en faisant la promotion de l´eau potable, des équipements sanitaires et de l´hygiène pour toute l´Afrique subsaharienne avant et après la Coupe du monde 2010.

PlayPumps: Lessons for Social Innovators about the Challenges of Getting Technology to Work

Some solutions just seem so beautifully simple. This merry-go-round pumps clean drinking water from a deep well and into a storage tank that's got a faucet.  By 2009 PlayPumps International installed more than 1,200 of them in rural communities in Africa and hoped to be providing a safe water supply to up to 10 million people on the continent by 2010.

As a June 2010 Frontline/World news investigation discovered, PlayPumps encountered problems in the field due to maintenance, cultural perspectives, and the number of hours children need to play on the pumps to generate an adequate amount of water. Find out more about the lessons that funder Case Foundation learned, and the challenges that social innovators often face as they try to make technology work in different cultural contexts.

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Plastic Waste Recycling as an Alternative to Burning and Landfilling

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We make reusable materials such as fencing post .roofing tiles carpets pipes from the trash whih are often sold for income .This intiative is a social as the commmnity earns income from selling of plastic waste and at the same time from recycled material such as fencing posts,and other recycled plastic products