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Cameroonians are mad about football and it is THE national sport! As only one of 6 African nations playing in the 2010 World Cup, Cameroon has 6 prevoius World Cup experiences to draw on so has and high hopes of getting into the finals. In the villages of Djerem division in Adamaoua, there is precious little diversion and electricity (Cameroon average 49% household electrified, Adamaoua only an estimated 5 in small villages to 20% in bigger villages), so most football news is via the radio.

Project Eureka!

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Project Eureka! is a social enterprise staffed with CCC program graduates who know how to beat bed bugs. We work with a local manufacturer to make and deliver a bed bug resistant bed frame. Additionally we remove infested beds and treat bed bug infested areas. Project Eureka! makes a gigantic impact by employing formerly homeless people to combat a growing public health epidemic.


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EcoLife strives to implement social change by providing alternatives to traditional, harmful methods of lighting, cooking, and water filtration that afflict so many of India’s poorest. Our mission is to provide affordable, environmentally friendly products to communities in order to improve the health and sanitation of current living standards while reducing carbon emissions.

WASH United

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Take advantage of the power of football to catalyse social change and engage top international and African football stars as role models to promote safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for all in Sub-Saharan Africa leading up to and following the 2010 World Cup.


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The program consists of 5 integrated components: Engaging stake holders to build the partnership; Capacity building for cooperatives-scavengers-poor people on waste-food fairtrade; Set up and transfer of technology for urban waste processing installation; Scaling up the model at the capacity equivalent to the volume of waste and material fraction contained; Developing the sustainable-industry

Enhancing Climate Change Understanding in Rural Communities through Football, Nigeria

This project talks about ehnancing the understanding of climate change in Nigeria's rural communities through football. Football is a game, which everybody likes and climate change is a problem, facing everybody on earth. rural dwellers are the ones who suffer most from lach of information, knowledge, awareness about Climate Change and HIV/AIDS. Therefore, the match for this project is perfect and I nominate is as the best. Join me! and say Amen!!



Benin city, Edo State
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Conscientização pela Educação Formal e Ambiental para Melhoria da Qualidade de Vida Rural

Acredito, por experiência vivenciada onde atuo, que a introdução da Educação Ambiental nas Escolas Rurais, como matéria didática obrigatória no ensino fundamental básico, conscientiza o ser humano, na fase mais propícia para o desenvolvimento cognitivo e internaliza que a preservação dos recursos naturais são essenciais à vida.A conscientização supera conflitos.

Toilets and Technology: Not a Waste at the Tech4Society Meeting

It’s not often that you hear the word “toilet” used in the same sentence as “Louis Vuitton handbag” and “Prada shoes,” but Jack Sim has a unique way of describing toilets, which he believes, like designer merchandise, should be promoted as a lifestyle product that is colorful, sexy, relevant and emotionally appealing.


KICKING HIV/AIDS OUT WITH FOOTBALL. Supporting Football for Girls as a means of combating HIV/AIDS in Bamenda.

The project explains how it will use football tournaments to empower girls to prevent HIV/AIDS by providing them with skills to live healthy lives and make sound decisions in future. The project also encourage the active participation of the girl child that will create an environment where they share ideas and problems with their peers.



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Women Water Stewards - Women Taking the Lead in Income-Generating Sustainable Water Service Projects

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Women bear the burdens of lack of water as they spend all day interacting with it; fetching, cleaning, washing, cooking. ASDSW helps women lead water and sanitation micro-enterprises that generate income, provide clean water to communities, and employ environmentally sustainable practices. Supporting women with water solutions impacts community health.