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Community Health Education

A team of trained local health education workers is focusing on one large village outside Mazar-I-Sharif, teaching basic health information to both men and women in the village. Approximately 70 families in the village are being reached by this training. For the village women, the training includes childbirth life-saving skills. This training is essential as the estimated maternal mortality rate for Afghan women is 1600 maternal deaths for 100,000 live births, the second-worst rate in the world.



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Portrait de Joselyn DiPetta

Health Care & HIV/AIDS, Albania

Roma and Gypsy households lack the infrastructure for adequate water supply, sanitation and roads. Limited access to health care services and facilities further complicates these problems, which are further compounded by poor health education of among the general public. This project sets out to improve the living conditions, health care & education standards on cancer and palliative care in the area of Korca. Main activities include mother and baby care training, individual family planning education and training on HIV/AIDS.



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Portrait de Joselyn DiPetta

Primary Health Care (PHC)

Primary Health Care is CHAL's cornerstone for health care. Some of their broad objectives include reduction of health challenges related to adolescent and reproductive health and safe motherhood, promotion of hygiene and sanitation improvements, improvement of access to quality health services with new construction, and the creation of awareness and management of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and the promotion of rational use of essential drugs.



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LS is a crowdsourcing website that will allow citizens to report on local water quality. Water quality is an emerging issue due to aging water infrastructures and increasing pollution sources from farmland runoff to natural gas drilling. The website will improve reporting and subsequent accountability for regulatory agencies and utilities.

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Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society

The "RURAL MOTHER & CHILD HEALTH CARE SOCIETY" was officialy formed in 1996 to broaden support and solutions to rural mother & child health & education, mother & child human rights, maternal health,mental health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, family planning, nutrition, water & sanitation, human rights, social justice, social security, women empowerment, advocacy, gender equality.



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Plumpy'nut is one of the mos well-known Ready-To-Use-Foods.

What are Ready-To-Use-Foods (RUFs)?
• Nutrient dense products with high energy and calorie contents.
• Proven to be indispensible tools in the fight against malnutrition.
• Used as therapeutic treatment and/or non-therapeutic prevention of severe acute malnutrition.

Kitchen Garden

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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group. If a sufficient area is found in a house and they can form a group of 10 to 15 and do this as regular cultivation of fresh veg & greens.

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Mother Feeding

Baby food should be with iron, proctein & Vitamin C.
If the pregnant ladies are noted down and properly treated, then most of the Nutrition problem will be solved. In a village of 2000 people mostly around 5 to 10 pregnant women are found. So, it is very much necessity to identify them and give nutritious food of “Chatthu Mavu”, ie. Dhal flour powder (contains nine dhalls).
Alongwith the nutrition flour powder, we must council the ladies for betterment of their mind. The ladies are very fond of goose berry, which is very well available.



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