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# Toilet Thumbise

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49% of India is defecating in the open. But no one want to talk about it. #Toiletthumbsie aims to publically shame and appreciate toilet facilities (or a lack of them!) Lets talk some shit. 



Sanihub aims to facilitate progress in the sanitation sector of Malawi through provision of business boosting services that enhance the quality and quantity of sanitation products and services available to low income customers.

Alkaline Ventures

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Alkaline venture is an initiative that seeks to establish alkaline water distribution points in order to change the nature of water into healthy water for healthy life. Alkaline venture intends to provide these distribution points with alkaline water filtering machines that will offer employment.

Clean Our Water

Clean Our Water aims to have at least one electrochlorinator kit to provide clean water at the center of every community in Pakistan. We aim to empower communities in Pakistan by providing methods of water purification while educating young changemakers on solutions to solve the clean water crisis.