Educar en Modelos Positivos

le secteur de la société civile

Clases de apoyo escolar a niños de los sectores más vulnerables, de la argentina, a través de distintas herramientas pedagógicas y didácticas,Talleres de integración para adolescentes con actividades recreativas como música, teatro, deporte.
Sociedad: Charlas formativa, sobre problemáticas sociales

Healthcare for the Homeless


People who are homeless are at high risk for uncontrolled chronic diseases, preventable infections, crippling mental health problems, violence, and have a surprisingly low life expectancy of 45 years. Lack of a stable home and marginalization from social services contribute to their poor health.


le secteur de la société civile

Youths face so many challenges daily. Some which include abuse of substances,HIV/AIDS,unemployment just to mention but a few. The problem has always been they don't know who to turn to. What if a mobile application can provide them with useful information to help them tackle these challenges?

Drug Free Pakistan Foundation

Drug Free Pakistan Foundation DFPF was established in , and has been working under the special consultative status of NewHorizons Care Centre NHCC which is the very rst treatment rehabilitation centre of Pakistan providing free treatment, rehabilitation,after care and follow-up services to drug addicts. DFPF is a Volunteer, Non-Prot Organization that promotes creation of Drug Free, healthyenvironment.



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