Dads in Gear


The Dads in Gear (DIG) program is designed for new and expectant dads who want to be smoke-free. Its 3 parts, Being a Dad, Being a Healthy Dad, and Being a Smoke-free Dad, fit together to provide men with the strength they need to make positive lifestyle changes for themselves and their families.

Teen smoking alternative


Smoking is still cool at school. High school is our last chance to plant the seed of prosperity rather than turn away and have students grow up to become a burden on society. This idea will cost nothing and save our government billions of dollars per year.

Forest and the Femme Society

le secteur de la société civile

Forest and the Femme is a non profit, outdoor recreation program for marginalized women living with developmental disabilities. The program was created for women who live with multiple barriers including addiction, poverty, involvement in the survival sex trade, racial oppression and mental health.


le secteur de la société civile

Impact Exchange addresses major problems facing charities today: the need to manage complex problems, report to multiple stakeholders, and understand what works. We bring together the best client management solutions, leading academics, policy makers and communities of charities to design complex systems that are easy to use. We are tackling the biggest challenge: collecting common data to help us all understand what creates sustainable change.

Nursing for All

le secteur de la société civile

Nursing for All's flagship program, the Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program, has seven programs operating in two cities in Liberia. NFA asked local nurse leaders to submit their ideas for public health programs their communities need and selected the seven strongest proposals for funding.

Portrait de Indrani Sharma

Rehabilitation for Addicts

Alcoholism Treatment, Detoxification, Drug Addiction Treatment, Family Services, Free Treatment, Occupational Therapy, Out Patient, Relapse Prevention, Residential Rehabilitation, Smoking Cessation, Substance Abuse Counselling, Yoga and Meditation, Youth Substance Abuse



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