S.P.E.A.K. Journal

SPEAK (Suicide, Prevention, Education, Awareness, Kit) is a 9x6 hard cover journal design to help teens cope with life issues and help prevent suicide. Our mission is to help teens get help without being judged, so they can feel comfortable with themselves, relationships and life stressors.

Power Off

An anti-pornography club that helps and supports people who struggle with addiction, as well as bring about awareness to this growing problem.

MultiTaske - social entreprise for inclusion and health

le secteur de la société civile

MultiTaske is a special non-profit social entreprise for people excluded from the labor market. We produce high quality fashion products made from upcycled products.

We are dedicated to make a change in inequality in health for vulnerable people.

We have created a binding community, based on happiness at work, healthy food, excersize and counselling.

prévention des maladies en Afrique, une nouvelle approche

le secteur de la société civile

L'ASET est un centre de médecine préventive pour les enfants, qui a pour mission d’améliorer la santé et l’espérance de vie des enfants togolais par:
- une sensibilisation de la population locale
- la formation continue du personnel
- l' examen médical complet et périodique des enfants
- les projets collectifs découlant des résultats des examens individuels des enfants

C4C (Comics 4 Change)

Comics for Change is a project that works with teens, parents, children, teachers and business leaders to collect and purchase comics to distribute to underserved youth to help them improve their reading skills. The goal of C4C is to use the popular genre of comic books and graphic novels to motivate students to read, which is especially useful in hooking those reluctant readers that have difficulty going from picture books to novels.

Projeto AmarGen


O Projeto AmarGen propõe a utilização da expressão artística como ferramenta em processos de prevenção e de tratamento para dependência química.
Neste momento em que a sociedade vive uma verdadeira epidemia de dependência química e o alcoolismo é a doença que mais mata os pacientes com esta problemática, este projeto inovador oferece uma ótima alternativa para abordar a questão, com uma mudança de paradigmas na prevenção e no tratamento de saúde mental.

Working Group: Mothers of the Mentally Ill (MOMI)

le secteur de la société civile

So many families are suffering. Our country is suffering. We have a mental health system that is broken. There aren't enough beds in psychiatric hospitals. Mothers fight with treatment teams trying to get their children longer hospital stays just so they can be treated before being discharged. Our jails and our streets have become our new go-to destination for the mentally ill.

Families are ready to be organized to advocate for improvements to treatment services and community services, including housing, job training and employment.


Proyecto METAS


METAS focuses on educating children about public health problems with innovative techniques based on practical experiments that allow students to make their own conclusions and become agents that transmit health.